The Forgotten Ones

Brotherhood Series continues with ‘The Forgotten Ones’

This week is the release of second book in Andrea Bills’ The Brotherhood Series with “The Forgotten Ones.” When Dean was introduced in “Hardwired,” I knew whatever his story was it was going to be a roller coaster of emotions, and it does not disappoint. This romantic suspense is Dean’s story of love, loss and a killer bent on revenge and destruction.

Drawn back to their hometown by a killer who stages the victims to send them a message, Navy SEAL Dean Campbell and his ex and FBI agent Caitlin Cade must put their past aside and work together. For Dean its easy, he’s there to help solve the case and win back the only woman he’s ever loved. Caitlin wants nothing to do with Dean as a partner in the case or in life. His duty caused him to leave her before and she’s not willing to give him a second chance to do it again. Working together to stop the killer, both will have to come to terms with the past, survive the present and believe in the future. The past where all of this began and a killer who seems to know it as well as they do. The present where every murder and every clue is more gruesome than the one before. The future a question mark, because they must both survive first.

When the killer strikes too close to Caitlin, Dean makes a phone call and has himself put in charge of the investigation. After securing Caitlin in a safe house Dean thinks he can focus on solving the case until she sneaks out and heads right into killer’s plan. Dean finds himself in a race against time to figure out the killer’s identity, find their location and rescue Caitlin. What is he willing to do or sacrifice to ensure the safety of the woman he loves?

Dean and Caitlin are the couple you root for and want to see not only survive but find their way back to each other. Both are headstrong, stubborn and determined to stand their ground, will their battle with each other get in the way of the stopping the killer? A killer that is methodical, in the choice of victims, their death and their discovery, who is not playing by any rules but their own. In a small town where everyone knows everyone and everything about you, the killer could be anyone.

The ending is completely unexpected and will leave you shocked. Andrea’s detailed descriptions, explanations, and vivid story telling make this story come to life. By the end of the book the only question remaining is how long do I have to wait to read the next book in the series?