Dani Britton is back in ‘Trigger,’ S.G. Redling’s latest

If Trigger, the latest Dani Britton novel by local Huntington author S.G. Redling, isn’t already on your Kindle or bookshelf you need to remedy that situation.  Dani is back and so is the danger that seems to follow her no matter where she goes.  After the events of The Widow File and Redemption Key, she and her best friend Choo Choo settle in and start to make a life for themselves.  But an unexpected trip home for Choo Choo with Dani sets in motion the events that make this book one heck of a thrill ride.  Once back with his family and surround by the wealth and privilege he grew up with, Choo Choo becomes a person Dani doesn’t know and isn’t sure she wants too.  Feeling alone Dani is befriended by Cara Hedrick the head of security for Choo Choo’s senator sister.  The two hit it off as outsiders to the world they find themselves in, but Cara isn’t what she seems and has an agenda of her own.  Her plan, code named trigger, is set to happen in the next fifty hours.  

After an explosion separates Dani from “the family” she finds herself face to face with Tom the man who tried to kill her and then found himself questioning his reasons for not doing it.  Tom tells Dani he’s there to help her and that she’s being tracked by a device implanted during her recovery.  Dani doesn’t want to believe the hold on her goes deeper than she thought, but when other events unfold, she has no choice but to believe.  It seems everyone has an agenda and Tom is no different.  He’s there to not only save Dani, but to finally break free of his “employers” and start life over with new identities.  He’s hoping Dani will join him.  Afterall, Tyson Compton and Anna Adkins sound like normal people who could work together, right? 

Before anyone can recover, Trigger goes into its final count down, Dani makes a discovery about Choo Choo that makes him a danger to anyone around him.  This forces Dani to make a choice that will change everything. Do you save your best friend if it means running towards the danger? Or do you run again and this time never look back.  Someone will die, someone will have their life changed forever and we will all learn that corruption almost always runs deep, and that family doesn’t always mean loyalty.    

Redling’s characters are brilliantly written.  Each one thought out and plotted so well that you either want to see them surviveor get the death they deserve.  Some of her characters are named after local residents and if you know them personally, you’ll find lots of Easter eggs.  Dani is such a strong, well written character, she’s been borrowed to appear in another author’s book.

Trigger is a great read and will keep you involved, entertained and doubting everyone.  I can only hope that I won’t have to wait long for book four.