Eliot Parker’s short stories will keep you turning the pages

I aways look forward to a new book by Eliot Parker and his latest, Snapshots, did not disappoint. Snapshots is a collection of short stories that take place in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. 

The stories which are edgy, cover multiple genres andare character driven take the reader on a different unforeseen adventure.  

The characters find themselves in situations where they question everything that they’ve ever believed, thought or said. Through their story each one deals with either mourning a loved one, guilt over lies and betrayal or anger over everything. 

The stories stand alone, but you might find yourself not able to stop reading.  I know I did. Eliot is a master story teller and his characters are always well developed and you find yourself drawn into their world. It’s not every writer who can accomplish this with their characters, especially in short stories, but he succeeds where others can’t. 

An ordinary work night at UPS in Louisville turns into a fight for survival for a recent college graduate working his last shift. 

In Cleveland a missing brother and a forbidden relationship with a police detective have a news reporter on edge. But not for a reason you see coming. 

A night of bowling for three friends in Hinton WV becomes a night of death and reckoning when the past comes calling.  And it always calls collect. 

A cop with a drinking problem finds that to be the least of his worries when he encounters a ghost who wants to go home and doesn’t like to be ignored. 

With these stories and more Eliot captures the readers imagination and takes them on a live or die, stay or flee adventure.  His writing pulls you into the story and you never know who or what is going to pop up around the next corner or the next bend in the road.  

Twists, turns,  unforeseen events and people you didn’t see coming leave the characters wanting the story to stop and the reader wanting it to continue.  Give this one a read.  You won’t be disappointed.