Wrapped With Risk

Greenup author pens a cozy Christmas novel

If you love Hallmark Christmas movies, then “Wrapped With Risk” is a must-read. Written by Missy Ann from Greenup, Kentucky, it’s filled with Christmas, second chances, first loves and all the drama in between.

Mills has loved Shae most of his life and after one night together they become parents to a baby girl, named Charli after Shae’s beloved Pawpaw. Agreeing not to put their friendship at risk, they co-parent their 4-year-old while keeping their feelings wrapped up. After several unsuccessful relationships Mills decides that its time they unwrap their feelings, deal with the risk and take a chance on love. He schemes to get himself invited to stay with Shae for the two weeks leading up to Christmas.

Family time together, dinners and all things in between that people in a relationship do gives Shae a taste of what life with Mills and Charli would be like if only she lets him in. Shae is not ready for the feelings that come with Mills. What they have works, so why risk ruining it and their friendship? She can handle living with Mills for two weeks, right? It’s for Charli, after all.

She’s doing well until the Magic of Christmas steps in and she’s given a letter written by Pawpaw Charlie telling her that he knows that Mills is the man she is meant to be with. She takes his words to heart and starts to open hers a little more to the idea of letting Mills in.

However, life and the past conspire against them when Mills reads a text from Shae’s old boyfriend. Feeling hurt, he turns a night out with his friends into a night of bad decisions. Making it worse is that in the process, Pawpaw’s truck is wrecked. Shae, now doubting their chance at happiness even more, tells Mills not to come home. Devastated, Mills makes the decision to pour his heart out to her and lay everything on the line — from the moment he first fell in love with her, to how he will never give up on them. She admits she loves him too but is still not ready to take the final leap. She tells him he can come back home, but that she needs more time.

A good cry on the drive home and a heart-to-heart with his mom make her start to see things differently.

Preparing to give Charli a great Christmas and avoiding any personal conversations, some more Christmas Magic and a kiss send Shae’s resolve out the window and give her the final push she needs to open her heart totally to Mills and have the life they both want.

Missy Ann’s writing is descriptive, heartwarming and draws you in. You want to see Shae and Mills get their happy ever after with Charli, and you feel their pain and their happiness along the way. Missy Ann is an amazing writer, and I cannot wait to read her books for years to come.