Cherry Grove

Leaona Luxx brings romance, love with a series of novels.

West Virginia writer Leaona Luxx writes romances with every type of reader in mind. Long lost love? Check. New and forbidden love? Check. Betrayal and redemption? Check. Several books follow the Hamilton siblings and their extended family as they find, lose and rekindle love.

In “Cherry Grove,” the oldest sibling, Malone, finds that love is not so easily won and kept when you’re in love with a woman who’s past threatens to destroy her at every opportunity. “Hard to Love” finds Malone’s sister, Thayer, discovering that falling in love with your brothers’ best friend isn’t always easy when the best friend decides he’s not the man she deserves. Next, in “Wrecking Us, Saving You,” Chord, the baby of the family, has loved Sarah since kindergarten and they plan to spend their lives together until Sarah disappears.

Each book takes the reader on an emotional journey through the highs and lows of loving someone so completely that they become the other half of you. These characters call to your emotions and make you invest in both their stories and them. You feel their pain and heartache and cheer when they find their way back. Each answer the question: How long do you wait for the love of your life?

Malone and Lea face a battle of wills when it comes to love. He’s all alpha male and she’s never let anyone take care of her. With a past that will make your heart break, Lea’s journey from abuse to finding love and acceptance is the stuff happily ever after is made of. Thayer thought the only obstacle to a relationship with Hardy would be her brother’s reaction. She never expected Hardy’s past to be the obstacle that drove them apart. Just when Thayer puts Hardy behind her to marry Walker, Hardy decides to fight for her and their future. Will she hold firm to her decision to move on? Or will Hardy convince her he’s back for good? Chord and Sarah had their entire life planned out. College, wedding, family. It was perfect, until Sarah’s mom’s actions ruin their dream. Years of searching for each other, secrets kept, letters never received, lies and threats all work against them. Finding each other again Chord has to deal with years missed with the one secret he never told anyone. Picking up where they left off and finally on their way to happily ever after, the unimaginable happens. Will it drive them apart for good or make them stronger?

Leaona’s location descriptions are well written and if you’ve ever traveled to Myrtle Beach or the surrounding areas the locations will be very familiar. Every mention of Highway 17 made my heart smile. These books get better with each one and with several side characters and story lines full of kids, I hope their story and the stories of their children find their way in to more books.