Local author releases series of paranormal books

Local author Casey L. Bond has released a new young adult paranormal series High Stakes.  Book one High Stakes and book two High Seas take place in a dystopian society where mankind is being hunted and driven to extinction by vampires.  The characters she created for this series are believable, well written and the reader finds themselves caring for both human and vampire.  Having to create your own world is no easy task but one Bond excels at.  The thought-out details and descriptions bring the world to life inside the reader’s mind.

In book one we meet Eve the number one recruit in the Asset Program, trained, designed and upgraded with one purpose, jump back in time and kill Enoch, one of the first vampires.  Kill him and his fellow vampire siblings and all other vampires sired by them will die, thus freeing the humans.  What should have been a simple in and out mission takes a wrong turn when Eve jumps back to a time before Enoch became the killer she is sent to destroy.  The tech designed and implanted in her hand to enable her and the other Assets to time travel is malfunctioning.  Trapped and with no sure way to get home she is forced to spend time with Enoch. Getting to know him, seeing him protect and defend the humans in his care she comes to love him. Eve begins to doubt everything she’s been taught.  What if killing him isn’t the answer?  What if before she must return home she can make enough of an impact that he won’t become the monster she hates in the future? 

In book two, after trying to make the jump home, Eve finds herself in another time where Enoch believes she betrayed him causing the death of the humans in his care. This Enoch is on his way to becoming the monster of her time.  After finally convincing him of her innocence they rekindle their romance and set out to discover why Eve keeps jumping to the wrong time.  Is it merely a malfunction in the tech or is Victor, the leader of the remaining humans in Eve’s time trying to hide something?  They are joined in their journey by Enoch’s sister, Terah, Eve’s friend and fellow Asset, Titus along with a few pirates.  Working against them is Abram the third Asset and the loose cannon of the three.  Believing he is ordained to carry out their mission he will do anything to see it succeed, even become the one thing he hates most.

The High Stakes series takes aim at answering the question what do you do when everything you’ve been told could be a lie?  I have no doubt we’ll find the answer when Bond continues the series with book three this spring.