Local author Tobi Doyle’s ‘Still Waters’ deserving of praise

“Still Waters” is the latest release from Huntington romance author Tobi Doyle. The first book of a new series centered around the Garza brothers and their security business.

First up is the story of Joaquin and Sara. It’s a simple story of girl needing a favor, and the boy does favor – for a price. The price comes along as using six weeks of Sara’s networking skills for his company. Sara agrees; after all, how hard could it be? Six weeks of doing what she does best along with killer pay and benefits. Sure, she’s attracted to Joaquin, but she can resist him, right? Her plan is to show up at work, do the job and get it over with, all with having little to no interaction with Joaquin.

Life has other ideas. Almost from the moment she agrees to his terms, events start forcing them together. The abusive ex of the friend she needs to hide sets his sights on Sara and begins to threaten her. When Joaquin finds, out he places her in his protective custody. Rich, handsome and deadly Joaquin is used to getting what he wants. Sara can protest all she wants, but he’s going to keep her safe and find the man who threatens her. Knowing he shouldn’t mix his personal life with his professional life, that all changes with one kiss from Sara. He knows he’ll break any rule to be with her and destroy any threat that tries to take her from him.

Sara, however, doesn’t want to be protected; she wants to pay her six-week debt and get back to her normal life. But as she forms friendships with the team at Garza Security and impresses them with her skills behind the keyboard as well as her ability to handle Joaquin, he begins to feel like maybe this is where she belongs.

Spending more and more time together, they both realize that maybe what they are feeling is more than just attraction. Could they have a life together? Can two headstrong, stubborn people find a way to make it work?

Their relationship is put the test when Sara refuses Joaquin’s request to use her government programs to track down a killer. She wants to help but isn’t willing to break the law to do it. Joaquin makes the decision to clone her laptop and deal with the consequences later. When later comes sooner than he expects, Sara leaves him.

Will he be able to win her back? Will she be able to trust him again or has he destroyed the only thing that ever mattered? With a plan in mind and his brother and team at his back, he heads out to do just that.

“Still Waters” is an excellent example of why Tobi’s work is award-nominated by organizations like Romance Writers of America and why she’s a sought-after speaker on the subject of writing.