Lost Kings

‘Lost Kings’ series an engaging look into motorcycle brotherhood.

Autumn Jones Lake’s Lost Kings series is an insightful look into the world of a motorcycle club, their lives, loves and brotherhood.  Set in New York, the series revolves around the Upstate chapter of the Lost Kings focusing on its members with certain members we’re introduced to eventually getting their own book or books.  Jones-Lake has created a world where the reader becomes so engrossed in the lives of the members and their families that you feel drawn to them.  You cry with them, celebrate with them and scary biker or not, find yourself wanting to spend time with them. 

Each book adds to the story, flowing seamlessly to weave together a series that is insightful and full of life lessons that anyone can relate to.  The members of Lost Kings are brothers, sworn to put brotherhood above all else.  The club comes before family, outside interests and the world itself.  Each member is sworn to protect the club at all costs.  Promises broken, lies told, lives stolen and brothers betraying brothers makes for a whirlwind ride that you won’t want to stop.  While some of the lessons are learned at the ultimate price, others are learned and not soon forgotten.  Not to be left out, the ladies of the club are a force to be reckoned with.  They may not be privy to everything going on in the club, but they support their King and each other to the end.

There are thirteen full-length novels, three collections of short stories, one novella and three standalone novels that take place in the Lost Kings world.  With the fourteenth book being released in August, the first book in the series, Slow Burn, is currently free in eBook.  With each book centering around a specific member of the chapter the reader feels connected to them and will find themselves picking a favorite.  These books are perfect for an open-minded book club or group where I assure you the discussion will turn to who the best King is and why.

Jones-Lake is a master storyteller with each book bringing the reader deeper into the world of the Lost Kings.  She takes on the characters and by the time she’s done they have molded to her words and become deserving of their happy ending.   I’ve been reading since the beginning and can’t wait to see where she takes my favorite King and the rest of his brothers next.  Give the Lost Kings a chance, I promise you won’t be sorry.