Killed It

Romcom meets suspense in Huntington author’s page-turner

What do you get when you mix an accidental killing, two punks, and a pop diva with a drinking problem? Ally Brown’s life.

“Killed It” by Huntington author Lulu Smith is a romcom and suspense all rolled into one amazing story. The twists and turns you never see coming kept me turning page after page waiting to see what would happen next.

Ally Brown is a West Virginia girl working as a legal aid in a law firm during the day and a stand-up comic at night waiting for her big break. With a devoted wealthy boyfriend and a loyal best friend life is pretty good. Until it’s not.

First there’s the dead guy in the park who she may or may not have killed.

Then there’s the punks on the subway who like to boast about hurting women, followed by a has-been pop diva starring on Broadway who needs an attitude adjustment. Round these events off with a strong dose of blackmail, her comic material drying up and having to work for the worst boss ever, you could see why Ally isn’t having the greatest life.

When someone finds out about her secrets and tries to blackmail her, she must turn to the last person she would ever want to ask for help. The two, along with some help from her friends, unravel an illegal corporate merger and expose a dirty politician. When their plan to expose the corruption and the architect behind it all goes sideways, will they be able to recover, or will Ally lose everything and everyone — including her life?

“Killed It” is set in my favorite place: New York City. Smith’s descriptions of the areas, the food, the streets and the people make me long for my next visit. She nails it beautifully.

Her characters are well developed, believable and I found myself even loving the ones I shouldn’t. Ally’s details about her mom back home are funny and insightful and such typical mom things to say and think that I wanted to hear more. I mean, doesn’t every mom think the only way anyone gets out of Central Park when they go there is in a body bag? Spoken like a true mom.

Just when you think you have it all figured out, here comes the twist you were never expecting. “Killed It” is a great read that I think you’ll enjoy. Happy reading!