An Uneasy Alliance

What do you get when you mix two star crossed lovers, a rich hunk with big brother issues and an offer you can’t refuse? You get Katherine James’ current situation and the plot of Kyra Radcliff’s new release An Uneasy Alliance.

Katherine (don’t call her Kate or worse Kat) is happy as the mayor of the small island she grew up on. She spends her days and nights trying to find ways to bring life back to Blissmore. However when her baby brother winds up in jail accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Katherine finds herself making a deal with the devil. Only this devil is flesh and blood, no horns in sight.

Tate Reilly is not interested in hearing all the love sick reasons his baby sister thinks shes in love. He knows better. This Keith James is after Samantha’s money he’s sure of it. So after arranging Keith’s arrest for stealing, Sam will finally be free. Perfect plan, right? Wrong. Keith enlists the help of his sister who will do anything to save her brother. Katherine knows Tate will never see her if she says who she really is. Under the guise of interviewing to be his new social secretary, she gets an audience with his hotness, I mean Tate. The cat is soon out the bag and Tate makes Katherine an offer she can’t refuse. Be his social secretary for two weeks and then she and her brother go free. Against her better judgment, she agrees. After all two weeks isn’t that long.

Katherine is unaware that Keith led Sam to believe she was unemployed. After two weeks of back and forth, fighting their mutual attraction, Tate is dead set on keeping Katherine. After all she needs a job and he’s got the perfect one for her, one that includes a fringe benefit, him. However, Katherine isn’t interested and flees his home and him. Finally settling back into her life on Blissmore.
When his sister goes missing, Tate tracks Katherine down and shows up at her house asking if she knows where Sam is. Now the tables are turned. She has something he needs. He’s in her home, where its her rules and demands. This time Tate will work for Katherine for two weeks. Cooking, cleaning, whatever she asks. At the end of the two weeks, she will tell him what she knows about his sister. Not having a choice, he agrees. The two weeks are eye opening for both. He still believes she’s unemployed and is still determined to have her come work for him. On the last night of his two week sentence, Katherine asks him to cook dinner for guests she’s having over. The dinner will be eye opening for everyone. Will the truth finally set everyone free? Or will hard heads, strong tempers and broken promises lead to both couples parting ways?

This book is an excellent read. Kyra has done an excellent job with the characters and I found myself really rooting for both couples. Her location descriptions are spot on. I can’t wait to read more from her!