The Italian Billionaire’s Kidnapped Mistress

What’s an overprotective big brother to do when he thinks a gold digger is out to sabotage his sister’s wedding? For Alfonso the decision is easy, kidnap her and take her to his private island.
Tori thought she was doing her former fiancé a favor by going to stop his wedding, But after witnessing a private moment between him and his bride to be, she realizes how wrong she is.
Before she can sneak away and leave without anyone being the wiser she’s confronted by the bride’s brother who won’t let her explain why she’s there and that she’s changed her mind. He puts her into his limo and onto a plane. Once on his island, sparks fly and both find themselves fighting their attraction, insults are hurled and hurtful words spoken.
Once free from each other both must come to terms with their time on the island and the actions that lead them there.
Kyra has done a great job making the characters believable. The locations are well described and the plot well planned, you’ll find yourself going through all the emotions with Alfonso and Victoria.