Wrecking Christmas

Wrecking Christmas by West Virginia native Liza Jonathan is a redeeming romance about two people who have suffered a loss.
On her way to spend Christmas at the Greenbrier with her father and son, Katheryn Winslow wrecks on an ice-covered road. Facing death, they are rescued by Hunter Holliday and his tow truck. As Hunter begins his rescue it becomes clear that he’s dealing with ghosts and events from his past. Once the family is safe Hunter begins the long trek towards the Greenbrier Medical Center, but another patch of ice sends them sliding down the hill and right into the parking lot of a hospital that Hunter is sure was never there before.
After everyone is treated, they are informed that they won’t be making it to the Greenbrier for several days due to a new storm. How is Katheryn going to salvage Christmas?
Welcome to Christmas Pass West Virginia. The place where all you have to do is think about what you want, and it comes true. They head there and check in to the local inn.
Hunter grew up around the area where Christmas Pass is located and has never heard of it and with cell phone service out, he can’t rely on Google. He sets out to find exactly what’s going on and why. He purposefully wishes for things that suddenly become real. He questions residents and finds their answers are altered versions of the history of other towns in West Virginia. Now convinced something is going on, he decides to keep the truth from Katheryn. So far everything has been harmless, and he must admit he is enjoying himself.
He and Katheryn spend time together and feelings start to come out. Both are scared to move forward, her because of her divorce and him because of the death of his wife. Her father and son have other ideas and push them together at every opportunity. Eventually they begin a relationship and navigate their way through their old wounds. The day after Christmas the weather magically clears up and they make their way to the Greenbrier to spend the rest of their vacation with Hunter in tow. He and Katheryn spend the next few days at the resort enjoying all it has to offer. However, both wonder if they will be able to keep the relationship going when they return to their normal lives.
Once back in their own worlds date nights, charity fund raisers and family time show them both what their life together is becoming. However, family secrets uncovered on both sides drive them apart. With the help of meddling friends and family will Hunter and Katheryn find their way back to each other, or is the magic of Christmas Pass gone forever?
Overall the book is a great read for those that love romance and Christmas.