Missy Ann is one of my favorites. Her newest release Forbidden Queen is so good with an ending you won’t see coming.

My family hates him. The man I thought I hated too. The problem is I’m falling for Shaw. He’s the same age as my father, everything I never wanted. Now I’ll do anything for him.
The woman I love is forbidden, but I’ve devised a flawless plan to make her mine. There’s nothing I won’t do to bring her home where she belongs. Even if that means someone must die.

Anything by Andrea Bills. Her books are amazing. Hardwired is my favorite, but they are all good.

When Navy Seal Operative Luke Kiersey, who suffers from amnesia, is finally granted leave after five years, he finds himself driving to a house he doesn’t recognize in a town he’s never been to. The house is home to a beautiful woman and a little girl with big blue eyes. Day after day, he drives back only to hide in the shadows and wonder why he can’t seem to walk away from them.
His therapist says is PTSD.

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